HuntEx2020 Timed Auction


HuntEx is proud to announce that we will be hosting our very first online auction in partnership with Wildswinkel, both online and using their Wildswinkel App - a platform that has shown much success in the past. We plan to offer various leisure and outdoor products on this auction which will take place on the original dates of HuntEx2020 from 24 - 27 April 2020.

If you would like to consider selling one or more of your products on this timed auction, please complete the form on/before 27 March 2020.

Wildswinkel will confirm in writing whether your submission has been successful or not.

HuntEx2020 will be our tenth year and we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for our exhibitors to have this online platform to showcase and sell their products as an addition to the marketing opportunities at the expo. We believe it has the potential to reach buyers across the country and in doing so, increase your marketing footprint.

All information, data and photos for the catalogue and app, must be submitted on/or before 27 March 2020.
Keep in mind that Wildswinkel want to achieve the best possible price with the maximum amount of exposure for you as the Seller. To achieve that means that they want to present higher value, top-quality products and hunting packages to their database on the Wildswinkel platforms. Please remember this when selecting your products and packages for the auction.

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Auction Terms

The auction will be held on a no-reserve basis. Thus, if there is only one bid on a lot, the lot will be considered sold. The starting bid will be agreed upon between the Seller and Auctioneer and will strictly be in line with current market trends and prices. No unrealistic prices will be considered.

Strict terms and conditions apply to protect the interests of both the Buyer and Seller.

All products presented on the auction must be described as thoroughly as possible to prevent any misunderstanding or confusion.

Submitted hunting packages must distinguish between types of hunting. For the purposes of the HuntEx Timed Auction (powered by Wildswinkel), the hunting packages are described as follows:

  • Biltong Package: includes the hunting of an animal for the utilisation of its meat. This includes both males and females. Trophy quality animals cannot be guaranteed in the package.
  • Trophy Package: includes the hunting of any animal that is a good representative, with all the defining characteristics, of the specific species. Rowland Ward animals cannot be guaranteed.
  • Rowland Ward Package: Includes the hunting of animals that qualify for the minimum Rowland Ward requirements of the specific species.
  • If your hunting package differs from our suggested descriptions, it must be specified in writing.

    Our team will evaluate all the applications thoroughly and through a strict selection process, the Auctioneer will decide which products/services will be presented on the auction platform. The selection takes into consideration various criteria.

    A contract will be entered into between Wildswinkel and the Seller. The Contract applies to all products presented on the auction. The complete Terms and Conditions will be attached to the contract.

    Once the products have been approved to be presented on the auction, the Seller will be notified in writing.

    Auction Marketing

    Marketing of the auction, products and packages is included in the Auctioneer’s commission and will take place on various media platforms that will benefit the auction the most. The lots advertised lies with the discretion of the Auctioneer and will be for the benefit of the auction.

    HuntEx platforms consist of the following:

  • HuntEx Email database – 21 208
  • Facebook reach – 20 000+*
  • Instagram reach – 2 235+*
  • HuntEx website – 2 111* average views per month
  • Wildswinkel platforms consist of the following:

  • Wildswinkel Email database – +/- 5000*
  • Wildswinkel App Users – 6941*
  • Facebook page likes - 22840*
  • Instagram followers – 2740*
  • Wildswinkel website – 13 634* average views per month
  • Other platforms:

  • Digital catalogue
  • Wildswinkel App and website timed auction functionality
  • *Statistics as on 1 January 2020

    Download the Auction Terms as pdf